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Armenia’s Cosmic Ray Division (CRD) is among the world’s top 5 scientific organizations in the fields of High Energy Astrophysics, Solar Physics, and Multivariate Statistical Analyses. The CRD puts Armenia among the top 5 countries in the world with its expertise in the field of Cosmic Ray research. Using the monitors at the two high altitude stations atop Mt. Aragats, the CRD Scientists have gathered proof-of-principle data to demonstrate that with their techniques, they can predict the arrival of severe space weather approximately half hour in advance.

Armenia's Cosmic Ray Division is the beneficiary of 2013 Bikethon


WELCOME to Bike for Hope for Armenia, the premiere Armenian cycling group for beginners and the experienced road cyclist. Bike for Hope for Armenia is a non-profit, fund raising cyclist Group that provide bicycle tours in the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. When you ride in a Bike for Hope for Armenia event, you'll be riding with a purpose. The money you help raise will go toward fighting hunger and poverty in neglected rural areas of Armenia, contributing to sustainable economic development. As our name emphasizes, you'll be giving hope to Armenian communities that can benefit from a helping hand. Bike for hope for Armenia cycling group was founded in 1999 to assist the Armenian people to become self-sufficient in food production. It has steadily built a record of accomplishment and success. Our list of projects include: Establishing a grape wine nursery in Kheramort village in Karabakh; enabling small farmers to provide wholesome milk to their families and villages, reconstructing Spidagashen school in Martuni. With the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991, Bike for hope for Armenia's agenda became all the more urgent. The newly independent Armenian Republic was left with little more than hope for a future of its own making. Landlocked and suffering from an economic blockade imposed by Azerbaijan and Turkey, Armenia was deprived of easy access to global markets. The country's agricultural sector was particularly vulnerable. Bike for hope for Armenia has provided help where it is most needed.

            Want to ride the Annual Charity Fund raising bike-a-thon in Armenia?
                      Contact Bike for Hope for Armenia: 559-260-5933


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